Galloway Meat
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About The Beef

All our meat is produced from cattle that are born and raised on our property (Edale Glen Oak). Because of this I can Guarantee the quality of our meat.

Our meat is cut up and packaged by a fully Licensed butcher into about 0.5 – 1 kg packs.  The meat is presented on a black tray and wrapped in cling wrap just like woollies meat.

Generally I try to get the attached cuts but butchers can be difficult.  The amount of meat will vary in each pack but we will ensure that the order is filled to the correct weight.  I have found that for simplicity the following cut up is best.

The regular price for our meat is $10/kg and generally it will be available for pickup from 11 Hank St Heatherbrae. on the specified date. It is our goal to slaughter 2-3 animals a month.