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Welcome to Galloway Meat

Here at Galloway Meat we are concerned with only one thing, Top quality, premium beef, produced from natually raised and fed Galloway Cattle. All our meat is sourced from Edale Glen Oak. Not only are the animals raised locally, they are slaughtered and the meat is packaged locally.

Why Galloway?


Galloway Cattle are known worldwide for the quality meat they produce. The beef is lean yet well marbled. Because of the Galloway double hair coat, carcasses do not have the extra layer of back fat common to many other breeds. Galloways dress out at 60% to 62% of live weight.

Galloway beef raised under extensive conditions is rich in linoleic acid. The human body does not produce linoleic acid and therefore it must be included in our diet. Linoleic acid reduces the dangerous type of cholesterol (LDL), prevents thrombosis and therefore protects coronary vessels. Research by Dr Butson, Canada also has shown that Galloway beef has good levels of the essential fatty acids Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and Omega 3 (linolenic acid).




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