Galloway Meat
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Meat Packs

Our Galloway beef comes in 10kg Meat Packs, with cuts as per the following table (the exact content of each pack is to be anounced soon). The price for our top quality meat is $100 for each 10kg Pack you buy.

Ordering is easy! Simply tell us the number of 10kg Packs you want, AND if you order 10 or more Packs you wll get a 5% discount!

Cut Whole (roast) Sliced Minced Diced Corned
T-Bone   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Porterhouse/ Sirloin   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Eye Fillet   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Rump   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Scotch Fillet   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Blade   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Topside   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Round Steak   Thick
0.5 - 1kg Pack
Brisket Roasting Roll

Silverside   Thin (sandwich)
0.5 kg pack
Shanks   Osso Bucco

Skirt       Large
Chuck (stewing) steak       Large
Misc.     Lean mince coarser


Sausages 50% Plain Thin
1kg packs
50% Herb and Garlic Thin
1kg packs

Soup/Stock/Dog Bones Yes by request

1. Whole pieces (roasts) are min 1 kg max 1.5 kg.
2. All cuts and sausage are packaged in approximately 1kg packs with black trays, absorbent pad and glad wrap cover.
3. All Sausages are Gluten free with a courser meaty fill. Not too much fat.

For some information on the scientific evidence of the eating quality of Galloway meat, have a look at the attached link.

Best regards and happy eating
Greg V